How I Improved My Infants Sleep With Just One Item

Getting you little one to sleep can be a real challenge. If they are light sleepers who wake up for the tiniest noise, you can bid your freedom good bye. This is because you will be running to soothe your crying child every time someone rings the doorbell or the phone rings.

There are many children who can feel the presence of their parents even when they are fast asleep. I have one such sensitive child. The minute I walk away, he can feel me gone and starts crying. He does not stop until I come back and talk to him soothingly and by the time I get back, he is fully awake.

This caused a lot of trouble for me as I could not do any household chore when he was asleep. Though initially it was nice to nap every time he napped, I realized that is the only time I get to do other work too.

Baby Monitor

That is when my friend gifted me a baby monitor. This baby monitor changed my life as a parent. Every time I put my son down for a nap, I switch this monitor on and carry the receiver with me.

The minute I hear him waking up, I start talking to him soothingly through this monitor and he goes back to sleep content and happy. Of course there are times when he will need me right next to him, but this monitor gives me the time to get to him without him wailing away the whole time.

Now I can move around the house and do all my work without having to check on him every time I hear a noise. Since I can hear him and he can hear me every time I press the button, it has become a life savior for me.

I get to do a lot of work around the house without any disturbance or worry. I am more relaxed and when I do go down for a nap with him, I know I have done a lot more work that I did earlier.