Louis Vuitton Bags – A Quick History

When we talk about women’s fashion Louis Vuitton is a brand that would always have a special mention. Did you know how this enigmatic brand began its journey? Here are few quick facts about how it all started:

  • The brand was first established way back in 1854 by Louis Vuitton. It has been more than a century since the inception and the brand has steadily maintained an honorable position among the fashion lovers.
  • The first products that were developed by LV were trunks. When Louis Vuitton found how practical stackable trunks were, he designed them with a touch of his innovation. His trunks came as flat surfaced stackable options that were also lightweight. Finding lightweight trunks was difficult in those days. Travelers had to carry the extra weight of the trunk besides the actual luggage in them. So, LV’s trunks came as a welcome innovation in the market. This set a trend in the travel accessories segment. This nearly revolutionized the industry and soon there were a lot of other brands that took inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s design as well.
  • Some of the popular patterns that you find on LV bags even today, like the Damier canvas were all introduced right in the early days. This is why these patterns continue to be classy favorites that are still sought after for their timeless charm.
  • The business has been handed down to the next generations. The craftsmanship has been passed down too. This is a reason why you still find the perfection in these bag like that found in the vintage collection.
  • The most popular LV pattern is the monogram canvas and this one was first used in 1896. It was an instant success.

The journey there on has been nothing short of an inspiration for the budding designers. So find a good site to pick up your louisvuitton handbags, one that is reliable to make sure that you get the best deal.