The Most Popular Beard Growth Guide

Growing a beard is a life-altering experience for those who have never done it. It teaches great life lessons that the fruits of patience are sweet. The journey is tumultuous and there are several ups and downs but the end result is beautiful and confidence inspiring.

According to science, we are for a major part what our genes carry from our parents; you cannot run away from your genes. Like it or not but how your beard shapes up is determined by your genes. But having said that you cannot underestimate the power of a proper well-balanced diet, stress-free life, regular exercise and use of good grooming products in charting your beard’s growth.

So, beginning with grooming, you must use good quality products that are specifically meant for facial hair. It requires regular cleaning and maintenance before you start seeing results. Do not lose hope, the process is long drawn.

Sometimes your diet might not supply all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for hair growth. Take good quality multivitamins, biotin and fish oil for rapid hair growth. Include spinach, avocados, olives, red meat, broccoli and olive oil in your diet.

Improving testosterone levels in the body will also help in the growth of beards. High-intensity weight lifting, squats, bench presses, and deadlifts are known to improve testosterone levels in the body.

Finally, how you treat your beard will also decide how your beard grows. Do not pick at single strands or pull split ends as this will lead to patches. Always stroke your beard lovingly and with great care.

On a more personal level, handling the comments and looks from people around you can be tough especially in the initial stages when the beard is just sprouting and not looking the best. You can look for support from online groups and even ask for suggestions on how to manage your beard. I got my beard oil for growth here in one such forum and am really happy to have found comradeship online.