Style Mistakes Of 2017: Get Rid Of These Things Before The New Year

Fashion is no more confirmed just to women. The men are under scrutiny and have the pressure to look stylish and in trend, too. Being this the case, many men are trying to follow trends, so that they can stay on the fashion bandwagon. However, not all styles hit off well. Some can be real blunders.

With 2017 coming to an end, here are some of the mistakes one can avoid in 2018:

Skinny Pants – These pants can make a woman look few sizes smaller and taller, instantly. However, when it came over to the men’s section, we saw them all flaunting it. While it can look good on many men, those who have thin legs or don’t work out too often should opt for the wide cut pant.

Prints – When it comes to clothes, there are prints. While women can be excused wearing any print, men are still not there yet. They cannot mix and match prints. If they are going in for a striped shirt, the trousers can have mild stripes or should be plain. Wearing checks and stripes together is a big NO-No.

Accessories – While it can look stylish to use your Mac Book everywhere, carrying it around will not. One needs to have a case or a bag to carry it in. if you are going to work, considers a good looking classic leather briefcase. It looks stylish and holds your items safe.

Wallets – Wallets have long been men’s main fashion accessory. While wallets will never go out of style, a bill fold will. These were seen in trend but are not expected to last, simply because plastic money is more in vogue than carrying hard cash. Not only is it safer, flaunting your money in the face of those who serve you food at the restaurant, are a thing of the past, when there was no plastic money.