Helping your dog cope with separation anxiety

Dogs exhibiting separation anxiety is not uncommon. This happens particularly if you have been with him all day long from his puppy days and suddenly leave him either for work or for a trip. It might be a tough phase for you and for the dog too. But this is the period where you would have to offer an ample emotional support for your dog. This might take a long time to get used to. But the efforts would be worth it in the long. That being said, make sure that your dog has sufficient food and water arrangements for the time he would be left alone. Also make sure that you do not leave him alone for several hours on a daily basis.

Go for a walk:

If you are leaving for work, make sure that you take your dog out for his walk before you leave. Walks can make him tired. This would make sure that he would rest while you are away. This would make it easier for him to handle the alone time.

Start small:

If your dog is going to be away from you on a regular basis, start slowly. First get him used to the separation by being away for few minutes to an hour. Smaller gaps to get him used to the concept of “separation” should then slowly be extended.

Do not make an eye contact:

Getting too cuddly before you step out of the house would make things difficult. Just before you go out of his sight, make sure that you do not establish an eye contact.

Why is it so important to handle separation anxiety? Separation can lead to stress in your dog. If you find him aggressive or if you find that he has turned the whole house upside down, chances are he was stressed. Remember to keep a lot of toys to keep him engaged.