Buying the Right Size Butt Plug

A butt plug can guarantee you better, stronger and more pleasurable orgasms provided you know what to buy. These are different from yet another sex toy because they have flared bottoms and unlike dildos and vibrators, there is no risk of losing them in your cervix. However, to ensure that you have a comfortable pleasurable time with these plugs, it is essential to buy the right size. How will you know which one to buy when you are out shopping?

For beginners

If you are a beginner and want to buy a one, you should ideally buy something that is either the size of your finger or slightly bigger. This will make the first penetrations less painful. Another effective way for beginners to get used to the idea of one would be to use training butt plugs. Training butt plugs come in sets that take away the worries around deciding which size is ideal for you. If you love anal fun, there is nothing like getting one of these sets and playing an interesting game with it.

What to look for in training butt plug sets?

When you are out to buy a training plug set, there are a few things that you must consider. There should be a variation of sizes. Ideally, a training kit consists of three different sizes for a beginner to get used to the idea.

The training set should be flexible and smooth. They should be safe for usage and should also be easy to clean.

Always look for suction based cups while shopping for a training butt plug because it is safer to use and can also give you the opportunity to play without needing to use your hands. To know more about the hands-free anal play, visit the official website of Love Plugs and find new ideas!