An Overview On The Functioning And Benefits Of Rangefinder Cameras

Back in 1950, the rangefinder cameras were considered to be one of the mostfamous and useful small-sized cameras. Today, you can find these cameras in the market under few brands only. However, they are still extremely popular and widely-used. Though it might cost a little more than a normal SLR, but the outcome of such cameras is way superior. You can find them in the nearest store around you in the best of quality and at a great price for your use.

As they focus on the target with the help of a dual-image range finding equipment, they are termed as rangefinder cameras. Just with the turning of a single ring, two superimposed pictures come in a line and they are accurately focused. Using this camera, you focus and combine a picturevia a window, similar to a throwaway camera.

Benefits of using rangefinder cameras

Here are some of the benefits offered by rangefinder cameras to its users:

  • Superior image quality: The images produced with the help of rangefinder cameras are much better in quality as compared to those clicked by an SLR. You have all the liberty to focus on your target as perfectly as you can and then click the picture the moment you think that the focus couldn’t get any better.

  • Easy to handle: When it comes to size, the rangefinder cameras are extremely small and light in size and weight respectively. This is why it gets easy for photographers to carry them from one place to another.

  • Small and light lenses: Be it any lens, normal or wide, both of them are small in size and not too heavy. This makes it a very light product overall and confines the maintenance requirement too.

  • No blackouts: One of the best advantages of using this type of camera is that there is no blackout in the viewfinder, not even while making long exposures. This helps the photographers click more confidently without disturbance.

My mum got me the best laser rangefinder and I have experienced all these advantages so far. With time and practice, I’m sure the whole process of using a rangefinder camera is only going to get more comforting.