Yoga Pants For Women

Women need as much exercise as the men. There are many options for the women to choose from too. Today, there are no gender restrictions on any sport. Yoga is one such form of exercise women can largely benefit from. 

Here are some of the yoga asanas women can largely benefit from. But before you can start trying these asanas, you should get yourself the best yoga pants for women, to ensure style and comfort, while getting fit. 

Child’s Pose 

This is done by kneeling down on the mat and laying the body on the knees and thighs. Extend the arms and reach out in front for a good stretch. 

This asana has an impact on the lower hips. It relaxes and strengthens the lower hips, while stretching them at the same time. Women are prone to lower back aches and this can help. 

Downward Dog 

This is done by getting down on all fours and then pushing the body up, so that only the feet and palms are on the floor. The back will be bent to form a soft hump. Move your hands forward and walk back with your feet, to extend the pose. The stretch will be felt on your back. Now try to place your heels flat on the floor, rather than standing on your toes. This can be done by pushing your body back towards your heels and putting the weight on them. 

This pose strengthens the upper back and increases blood circulation to the entire body. This also helps in keeping back aches at bay. 


This is done by standing with the legs and arms spread to the side. Then one knee is bent to a 90 degree angle and the body weight is shifted a little for balance. Pull in your abdomen and breathe deeply. After 5 deep breaths repeat the same asana on the other side. 

This will tone both the arms and legs and help tighten the abdomen. A good pose to ensure core body strength.