1.Parkour Shoes-What Features To be Avoided


Shoes are important for all activities. Whether it is a parkour or similar activity, one needs to have shoes that are comfortable for them to wear. Just because the shoe is for parkour do not just purchase it without checking them properly.

There are various things that have to be checked in a shoe before it is purchased. Apart from comfort, it may also affect the body if it is not proper. So, know what to be considered and what to be avoided while purchasing specifically designed shoes for parkour.

While things that have to be considered while purchasing are grip, comfort, durability, flexibility there are few things that have to be avoided, some of them are as follows

  • Avoid shoes that are made of hard plastic for the sole. Hard Plastic sole may result in being slippery. As hard plastics are less flexible it may cause injuries to the leg. When you start using the shoes with the hard plastic sole, it may appear that the pain is manageable but prolonged use may result in heel and ankle pain. So, the hard plastic sole is the main thing to be avoided.
  • Avoid shoes that are bulkier. Bulkier shoes may be heavy and it can affect the performance. Prolong use of bulkier shoes may also lead to pains and injuries in joints.
  • Avoid shoes that are not safe for you. There are parkour shoes of different kinds. Some come with laces and some come without laces. When it comes to the performance, it is better to avoid shoes without laces. This is because at times shoes without laces may lose its grip and comes out during the activity. So, it is better to have one with lace.

Apart from considering grip, comfort, flexibility, do concentrate on avoiding shoes with the above features.