Oil-Less Fryer Or Turkey Cooker: What Is Your Idea Of Cooking The Best Turkey?

Preparing turkey is one of the most time-consuming and tedious jobs in the kitchen. Where you do enjoy the excitement of cooking it for your loved ones on special occasions, you also feel exhausted at the end of the entire procedure. You certainly cannot skip on the hard work required to prepare this delicacy, however you can definitely reduce the time required to cook it and the calories present in it. How? Well, with help of a good quality oil-free turkey fryer.

Oil-free fryer: How it works and its advantages

You can prepare a crispy fried turkey in a new way without using any oil with the help of the infrared deep fryers available in the market. This versatile turkey fryer can basically prepare different kinds of food items quickly. Instead of being a typical fryer, it is an infrared or radiant heat and propane-powered oven. It comprises of a circular propane burner which is enclosed in the chamber and heats the metal pot. This further leads to the production of infrared heat from the pot.

Here are some of the advantages of cooking turkey in this greaseless turkey fryer here:

  • It is a cheap option to prepare tasty turkey as it does not involve any kind of oil.

  • It is a safe option to cook turkey indoors.

  • The turkey will be much healthier to eat if cooked in such fryers.

  • This is a time-saving option as the turkey gets prepared in much less time as compared to an oven.

The only few disadvantages of using such kinds of turkey fryers is that it does not offer big space for over-sized turkey to fit in. You will be required to split the turkey into small pieces and then cook it in rotation. In addition to this, you wouldn’t be able to prepare other delicacies like fries in such fryers.

So, if you are sure about buying an oil-free turkey fryer, make sure that you go through different kinds of reviews regarding these products. Check out the warranty period of the fryer and compare the prices with different dealers.