Creating A Lighting Plan For Your Home

While lights form an essential part of your household, it is true that every home should have a lighting plan before investing in different varieties of lights. A lot of people end up stuffing their homes with tons of downlights, which is the wrong way of doing things. It might work for some but it is not creative at all. You end up having spaces that are over-lit without enough avenues of visual interest.

Before buying lights for your house, consider the following lighting plan that you could use without much ado.

  • Before buying the lights, have a floor plan ready for the area that you will be decorating. Include significant information like the position of door and window, placement of furniture etc in the floor plan.
  • Think about the light you will need in each room to do whatever you plan to do in those rooms. You could mark particular areas with an ‘x’ wherever you will need to use task lighting.
  • There are a number of things you need to buy to add the elements of ambiance and accent lighting. Things like wall washers, floor lamps, table lamps and up lights could be used to light up ceilings and walls.
  • Have a budget in place. This will help to decide the types and brands of lights that you can buy.
  • Choose luminaries that are compatible with the entire room. The luminaire alone does not need to stand out in the room. It should blend in with the decor of the room and the home as well.

This is a rough draft that you could follow before going out to shop for lights. There is a lot more to lighting than simply filling it with chunky and expensive pieces without knowing where to place what. For more ideas and products, visit and find a lot more to do with your home decor!