Making the Best Font Decision for your Custom T-Shirt

Customizing t-shirts can be fun. An attractive stand-out design, and logo can make a personalized -shirt an inexpensive yet excellent marketing gimmick. Teesnow sell and there are great designs on offer.

Any design, minimalist or outlandish,will hit the ‘sweet spot’only when the choice of inks and fonts for the texts are chosen with due consideration and more so if you have a text-only or a logo and text design in mind.

The typefaces need to convey your brand with clarity. Typography or the art of using text and fonts plays an important role in customizing t-shirts. Choosing a font may sound easy, but it can be very tricky, because it must have a visual impact on anyone who sees the lettering, logo or design.

Every font has its own purpose, and they convey the same message with varying impacts. Your custom t-shirt designer also may have several go-to fonts, which is reflective of his/her style. You can use these me-tested fonts or go for newer ones; the decision needs to be taken based on which will create a better impact. It is important to have freshness to your design approach to create the needed impact.

Depending on the same fonts may make you look predictable and choosing an entirely new one may not give the visual effect you had in mind. There’s risk both ways. Additionally, the font styles you choose must go well with the colour of your Tees. Every brand, and every project has its own requirements. It is important to choose fonts that fulfil these requirements.

So, the best font for your custom t-shirts must fulfil certain considerations:

    • Is the font legible?
  • What will be its impact off-screen on a real Tee?
  • Is the font suited to the brand’s image and style?
  • Is it reflective of the message that it is supposed to convey?
  • Is it delicate or does it hold raw appeal? Can someone read it can it attract attention from a certain distance?
  • Is the colour contrast visually attractive?

If most of these questions have been answered in the affirmative, then you might have found the best suited font for your custom t-shirts.