If you are person who likes good things in life, then luxury watches are probably already on your list. You might think of a brand and decide on investing in one to hold on for a long time.

But nothing is worse than falling prey to a fake. Fakes are not just available in flea markets but can also be spotted in some really good outlets as well, making finding an original quite a challenge. It would kill you if you spend a huge sum and wind up buying a fake. In case you like a particular brand that is way beyond your budget, opting for a pre-owned watch is definitely a better option than a fake. Following are a few tips that help you tell an original from a fake.


 If the dealer is giving you a watch at a far lower price than its original version, it probably may be fake. Luxury brands hardly have any sale on them, and even if they do, it can never be as low as a ‘stock clearance sale’. So if someone offers you a deal that is too good to be true it probably is fake. Unless it is a pre-owned watch of course.

Tip 2:

The overall look and feel is normally a giveaway. If the lettering inside the dial is cheap, or if the make seems to have small errors, or perhaps the strap has loose ends of stitch etc, you are most probably dealing with a fake. Luxury watches are made as close to perfection as it gets.


While this may not really be a tip to spot a watch, but who you deal with is also important. If you are looking at a luxury watch from a person who has a single piece, chances are that either it has been stolen or fake. Either ways, you do not want to deal with that. Shopping from  Brand original store is usually a best bet.

Tip 4:

Get a watch expert into picture if you are unsure of your choices. When spending so much money, why not go that extra mile to be 100% sure. Especially if you are not too confident of yourself.