The Ultimate Sous Vide Machine Shopping Guide

The most unbelievable fact about a Sous Vide machine for beginners is that cooking is simply awesome. It is also so easy to cook a healthy and tasty meal within a few minutes by just adding water, placing your vacuum-sealed food and pressing the start button. Therefore, if you have decided on buying the product, here you go with some trustworthy strategies to simplify your shopping.

Choices available in machines:

  1. Immersion Circulator or Oven:
  • The oven setup includes multiple oven racks immersed in water. All you need additionally to cook using the sous vide is a vacuum sealer.
  • Immersion circulators are temporarily fixed to the vessel initiate water heating. Therefore, you will need to get a suitable water bath and a vacuum sealer for cooking.
  1. Selection of the container for water bath depending on the material used:
  • Polycarbonate vessels: Heat resisting yet temperature maintaining, lightweight and free of evaporation issue.
  • Rubbermaid vessels: Heat resistant, dishwasher safe with water level markings
  1. Selection of vacuum sealed or BPA free Zip-lock bags:
  • This is the preferred way of sous vide cooking as it helps in infusing the juices and flavors into the food.
  • It also prevents the food from simply floating and being boiled in water directly.
  1. Need for searing set up:
  • This is a traditional culinary method used for bringing the crispiness on the surface of sous vide cooked food.
  • Searing can be done using a non-stick pan, cast iron pan, carbon steel pan, stainless steel pan or torch.

While purchasing sous vide machine, the key features to be noted are:

  • Water capacity of the water bath
  • Exact heater and circulator requirement to heat water and its safety limits
  • Temperature range and precision
  • Availability of vacuum sealed packs